About Nicholas Tamburi

Sales Representative

Nicholas Tamburi understands the commitment, dedication, and drive it takes to be successful. With a positive approach, he is patient, ethical, confident and resourceful. As a leader in real estate Nicholas’s customer service, honestly and product knowledge sets him apart in building and growing his business. He is driven to offer only the best with positivity, motivation, intelligence, and resourcefulness.

As a Toronto native, Nicholas attended high school at St. Andrew’s college in Aurora before going on to building and running his business. During the past several years Nicholas has gained valuable knowledge in real estate through buying and selling, home construction, and flipping homes for profit. His passion, experience and knowledge of real estate set him apart as a realtor who can relate to buyers and sellers in real estate.

Outside of real estate Nicholas enjoys spending time with his wife and growing family. He enjoys many activities such as skiing, golf, CrossFit, travelling and cooking.